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The Founder Behind the Island’s Green Startups

French national Alexandre Tsuk is a globetrotting serial startup entrepreneur.

Before relocating to Singapore to run a business targeted at hotels in Bali, Alexandre was in Laos, running a group of hotels and restaurants. And before that, he spent six years in India manufacturing interior decoration accessories.

“I’ve run startups in Paris and India and Laos. As long as the WiFi is good then I’m happy,” he explains.

With a background in hospitality, he’s run four restaurants, seven hotels in Laos and had his own concierge service in France. He moved online in 2013, focusing on sustainability and hospitality and started a booking website for hotels for green hotels (Book Greener), which lists 5,000 green hotels listed on the site.

But the world of hotel booking sites is a competitive one.

“I learned that people don’t prioritize sustainability when they book a hotel, they tend to book based on price or location or reviews.”

So he’s since pivoted and scaled down to focus on a new Bali-based luxury hotels membership site that lists the sustainability credentials of leading hotels on the island.

Alex launched Cimborazo over three months ago, which lists luxury properties that lead in sustainability and details their energy saving initiatives, policies relating to water, waste and community initiatives.

He charges participating hotels $2,000 and properties listed on the site benefit from getting advice on social media, consultation, sustainability and reputation management.

“These hotels offer amazing experiences to their guests and they are all in the same price range.”

He also runs a podcast which advises on sustainability issues facing the hotel industry and runs a webinar where he interviews experts on relevant sustainability issues. And he recently launched a 360-degree video business which is shooting its first pilot film in Ubud.

But his latest venture Think Outside The Trash, might be his most ambitious yet.

“I have a plan to solve the problem of trash on the island,” he explains. “There are 4,500 hotels on bali and they are part of the trash problem here.”

Think Outside The Trash is a multi-stakeholder effort to tackle the problem of trash on Bali.

“So the plan now is to connect the different stakeholders on the island, including Bye Bye Plastic Bag, the Scavengers, Cash for Trash and Bali Recycling.”

“We’ll take best practices from each property and encourage businesses to share their knowledge and scale their ideas. Hotels will pay a monthly fee for waste management and can use our seal to prove their credentials.”

“Instead of saying: we know better, we bring together all the experts and together we show what is possible.”

The effort is collaborative, he explains.

“We all get paid the same and all decisions are made by the board members of Cimberazo.”

“Dealing with the trash problem is good for marketing and communications, it’s also measurable, so we can have a clear impact and measure that impact.”

“I wanted them to achieve something bigger than themselves, and trash is a clear area where we can all make a difference.”

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