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How to Build a Startup From Anywhere

Gabriel Fenton spent years working in the retail industry in the US. Now he runs a Silicon Valley-backed startup with a distributed team scattered across Asia. His career path is less surprising once you discover he’s the little brother of Couchsurfing Founder Casey Fenton, who dreamed up the hospitality exchange and social networking site in […]

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Lessons I Learned From my First VC Pitch

Maire Shanahan Raniga is an Australian businesswoman who runs four e-commerce brands, here she shares her experience of pitching to a VC investor for the first time at Hubud, the Hub-in-Ubud in Bali. Why would someone decide to take part in a VC pitch the night before an investor is coming to town? I’ve been […]

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From Silicon Valley to Campuhan Ridge

A startup journey taking in India, Silicon Valley, Mexico, Colombia and Indonesia. One year ago Publishizer Founder Guy Vincent was ready to give up on his startup. “I was bootstrapping in Chiang Mai, but I was out of money, I’d even offered one of my friends equity in the business and he’d declined.” He’d been self-funding his […]

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