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A Tech Startup Born and Made in Bali

Mailbird is perhaps the clearest proof yet that Bali is home to more than lifestyle businesses. A desktop e-mail client for your Windows PC, Mailbird is a tech business born and made in Bali. But its customers, like its employees, are scattered across the world. With offices in Bali, Bandung and Copenhagen, and employees in […]

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The Story behind SpeechMate

Two years ago Oliver Lucas was a market researcher for London’s Arsenal Football Club. Now he’s the startup founder behind SpeechMate, a SaaS startup born out of Bali’s growing startup ecosystem. SpeechMate writes personalized best man speeches for bestmen with writer’s block. And the target audience for SpeechMate is stressed out best men based in […]

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How to Build a Startup From Anywhere

Gabriel Fenton spent years working in the retail industry in the US. Now he runs a Silicon Valley-backed startup with a distributed team scattered across Asia. His career path is less surprising once you discover he’s the little brother of Couchsurfing Founder Casey Fenton, who dreamed up the hospitality exchange and social networking site in […]

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What Happens After a Startup Weekend

Startup Bali sits down with the winners of Hubud’s 2015 Startup Weekend. Q: What lasted 54-hours, took place in 80 percent humidity and involved 80 wannabe entrepreneurs from 25 countries? A: Bali’s 2015 Startup Weekend. Held for the second year at Hubud in Bali, Startup Weekends are high-intensity weekend-long events where entrepreneurs work through the […]

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The Millennials Building Businesses in Bali

24-year-old Dutch entrepreneur Pieter Moorman is already on his second startup. The first he founded in the Netherlands, before recruiting an international team and relocating them to a tropical island. His second startup is entirely conceived and launched in Asia, Arielle Anthony finds out how he did it. Tell me a little bit about the […]

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Why a Move to Asia Was Good for Business

Startup Bali sits down with Entrepreneur and former Vancouverite Lydia Lee. I meet Lydia for tropical fruit smoothies and breakfast in an Ubud cafe. It’s a far cry from the busy workaholic Vancouver lifestyle that she left two and a half years ago. “I had everything; I had the picket fence home, I had the car, […]

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Leaving London for a Small Town Startup Scene

London has a burgeoning tech scene. So what made Hungarian-born startup founder Peter Banik leave the city for Bali to work on his early stage live video publishing startup? First off, what is StageCloud? StageCloud is a live video publishing and monetization platform that allows indie performing artists to generate income. Essentially, it’s a public […]

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From Silicon Valley to Campuhan Ridge

A startup journey taking in India, Silicon Valley, Mexico, Colombia and Indonesia. One year ago Publishizer Founder Guy Vincent was ready to give up on his startup. “I was bootstrapping in Chiang Mai, but I was out of money, I’d even offered one of my friends equity in the business and he’d declined.” He’d been self-funding his […]

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The 8,000 Mile Startup

Working as a business journalist in London three years ago, Clare Harrison knew she wanted to do something different with her life, but she didn’t know what. “I didn’t know much about self-employment or entrepreneurship or anything like that. My job as a journalist was covering big stories about corporations and hedge funds. It wasn’t […]

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The Founder Behind the Island’s Green Startups

French national Alexandre Tsuk is a globetrotting serial startup entrepreneur. Before relocating to Singapore to run a business targeted at hotels in Bali, Alexandre was in Laos, running a group of hotels and restaurants. And before that, he spent six years in India manufacturing interior decoration accessories. “I’ve run startups in Paris and India and […]

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